Masterplan creating 257 new homes on a significantly constrained site, yet offering extensive views including a golf course

Colwell Green

Witney, Oxfordshire

This is a masterplan we developed for Crest Nicholson to create 257 new homes. The site had some significant constraints including an existing attenuation lagoon and considerable underground services. Yet the site also offered great opportunities, with extensive views to the south overlooking an existing golf course.

The masterplan we therefore created was based around a central, tree-lined primary route which led through to a main public open space, focused around the retained existing lagoon.

The southern boundary of the site is outward looking, exploiting views across a golf course.
Larger detached properties have been positioned here which, together with a linear green corridor and footpath, helped to create a softer transition with the golf course.

The masterplan and associated detailed design drawings received reserved matters approval and, following completion of our production information pack, is now under construction on site.

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