Earth Day 2024: What is it and what can you do?

As Earth Day rolls around each year, it serves as a reminder of the vulnerability of our planet and the need for action to address it. At its core, Earth Day prompts reflection on how we, as individuals and businesses, can reduce our impact on the environment and foster sustainable practices.

Earth Day started in 1970 and has steadily grown into a Worldwide global event, impacting over a billion people in over 200 countries. This year's theme is "Planet vs. Plastics" and in support, we thought we would give some tips on how you can help improve the environment and go into a bit of detail on what we are doing as a company.

What can you do as an Individual?

As an individual, there are many different avenues available to you that can help make a difference.

For example, choosing a renewable energy tariff is a great way to easily reduce your emissions quickly with a simple phone call or email. You could even get involved with your local volunteering schemes which are planting trees or cleaning up a local river.

The most important action you can take as an individual is to make regular sustainable choices where you can, this could be choosing to walk or cycle to work instead of driving, or even just choosing local produce and products.

What can you do as a business?

As a business, your environmental impact could be impacting you in more ways than you realise.

Many job seekers are increasingly looking towards sustainable businesses for new job opportunities as a way to reduce their carbon footprint. If you don't focus on your emissions as a business, you could be missing out on quality talent. Ensuring you have a robust carbon reduction plan in place to improve the environmental impact of your business could help to attract these job seekers and provide your company with better, more conscientious talent.

In addition to a carbon reduction plan, providing your employees with the option to work from home can reduce your company's Scope 3 emissions. Allowing your employees to work from home means they won’t be commuting to work as regularly, lowering the amount of carbon produced and lowering your company's Scope 3 emissions.

What we are doing

At Roberts Limbrick, we understand the importance of Earth Day and how shining a light on your carbon footprint can help provide a more sustainable future. After working with Go Climate Positive, we agreed on a target of a 33.6% reduction in Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions by 2028 to do our part in keeping global warming under 1.5 degrees.

Working within the construction industry it is important to recognise that 37% of global emissions come from construction. This is why we have decided to be an Architecture Practice with a focus on sustainable design and environmental choice to help reduce this number.

By integrating sustainable principles into our designs, we strive to minimise energy consumption and reduce the amount of waste our designs and projects produce. Whether it's incorporating renewable energy sources, maximising natural light and ventilation, or utilising recycled materials, each decision reflects a commitment to creating buildings that are both functional and eco-friendly.

To learn more about our commitment to sustainability, look at our sustainability page.

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