Our services

Architectural services to contractors on design and build projects

Feasibility studies and conceptual design

Construction drawing packages

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Technical appraisals

Architectural services to support a range of procurement routes

Project management

Masterplanning and urban design

Detailed design and planning submissions


We provide a full range of architectural services throughout the development process as well as some specialist services. Our services include:

Interior design

Our interior design team can transform a space to create atmosphere, showcase your brand, and improve user experience.

We develop both new build and refurbished spaces for a wide range of sectors, creating uplifting environments to boost productivity and wellbeing.

Every design balances budget, deliverability and functionality with quality and character. We collaborate closely with every client to meet their aspirations and represent their brand throughout the space.

Landscape Architecture

Our team designs spaces in nature, working with the existing environment to create dynamic, biodiverse environments. Creating beautiful outdoor spaces boosts wellbeing and allows communities to enjoy nature.

We work with clients from a range of sectors, including education, commercial, residential, leisure and public realm. Our collaboration with clients runs from initial concept ideas to technical design and on-site delivery.

Visualisation and 3D modelling

We use 3D computer modelling to aid in the design of buildings. We use Building Information Modelling (BIM) for the majority of our projects, using Autodesk Revit as our main software.

Our in-house 3D team is trained on the latest technology to produce accurate, detailed models of our projects, from early conceptual models to high end, photorealistic images and videos.


Our team produce masterplans for exciting and attractive places to live, work and play. Masterplanning services complement our architectural and technical projects, ranging from quick initial feasibility studies for small scale developments through to full masterplanning designs to support planning applications for large new settlements.

Conservation and heritage

We create new lives for old buildings.

Through careful consultation with planning officers, English Heritage, and the community, we can alter and refurbish existing buildings for a variety of uses. We balance conservation and preservation with sustainable, modern-day use.