How to design innovative buildings in a rigid industry

Rigidity for change

Architecture is a naturally creative and expressive form of work, yet when people think of commercial sector architecture, people tend to think of similar, non-descript buildings that lack individuality. Commercial spaces have a huge impact on our daily lives, they often blend into the urban landscape meaning you can often pass them on your daily commute without notice, be that a good or a bad thing.

At Roberts Limbrick, we believe this can be a disadvantage for businesses looking to attract customers and build brand recognition as they need something to set themselves apart from others. We are always suggesting and ideating new designs to include modern technology and features which can improve the functionality and design of a building bringing brand recognition.

For example, we have assisted St. Modwen’s commercial sector in implementing aniconic, recognisable building design which often stands out in a commercial setting. Due to this, we have been able to create a long-lasting business relationship with St. Modwen which has spanned many years.


St Modwen Park, Gloucester

CGI Visuals

One of the best tools we use at Roberts Limbrick to influence change and ideas is CGI Visual technology. 3D images, models, and videos can bring a scheme to life, offering a chance to test and revise the design, as well as showing how the final scheme will look in a real-world context. Not only can this help you picture the project, but it can also help sell the scheme and designs to stakeholders or provide slick marketing materials. We find an added benefit is that clients need visualisations for a range of purposes, from supporting planning applications and public consultations to producing marketing materials.

These visuals can come in all shapes and forms, depending on their intended audience. From loose conceptual sketch images right through to fully photorealistic visuals and flythroughs that show even the smallest of details.

Using this technology, we can propose modern solutions which can have outputs such as improving efficiency, achieving a greater level of sustainability or even a higher stage of BREEAM certification.

CGI of ProCook, St Modwen

Modern office/warehouse solution

Anew and practical development in the commercial sector is the want to have an office or head office under the same roof as a distribution warehouse. One example we designed is the ProCook unit in St. Modwen Park Gloucester. The challenge was to ensure all elements of the design had equal attention and importance, creating flow between the warehouse, showroom, and offices. We achieved this by using new visualisation techniques to make sure the modern design fulfilled all the needs of the clients, creating an innovative building within the commercial sector.

Additionally, due to the ever-growing importance of sustainability, we designed this unit to include new environmental including solar panels and rainwater harvesting tanks that supply the sanitary system. Employee benefits are also built into the ProCook unit, including a subsidised staff café, a communal area, an employee gym, and a dedicated wellbeing room.


ProCook Showroom

To find out more about the Roberts Limbrick commercial team and projects, You can contact Richard and the team at or 03333 405500.

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