Our Newport Office New Starters

We're delighted to share we have some new starters in our Newport team! Suzanne and Emily have been settling in over the past month and we decided to take the time to get to know them both a little better. Each of them brings with them a wealth of experience developed throughout their time at their previous practices.

Here's what they both had to say!

Emily Chappelle & Suzanne Anno

How long have you been at RL for now?

Suzanne: 1 Month

Emily: I’ve also been here for 1 Month.


How are you finding working here?

Suzanne: The main thing I was looking for was a good team dynamic to be part of. The previous companies I’ve worked for have had a good team dynamic and I wanted to continue that. The people at Roberts Limbrick are very nice and welcoming which has made the work balance good as chatting with the team helps to reduce stress.

Emily: Working here is going great so far, I’m really enjoying working in a design-led practice as it makes the work even more enjoyable. I’m also enjoying working on a good mix of projects as I get to see how Roberts Limbrick works in different sectors and provides solutions specific to the project. Also, the office has a lively atmosphere where everyone is very friendly.

What are some of your favourite projects you’ve worked on in the past?

Suzanne: One of my favourite projects was the Cardiff field hospital during Covid. This was a tough project as it had to be delivered over a span of 2 to 3 months. meaning we had to work very quickly.

Emily: One of my favourite projects I’ve worked on was the reconstruction of a school after a natural disaster. I found this project very rewarding as I could use my expertise to help those who needed it.


What is your sector and what type of projects are you working on at the moment?

Suzanne: I was hired to be part of the healthcare team working on projects due to my experience designing for the healthcare sector so I’ve been enjoying working with the healthcare team in Newport. Also, when I have spare time I am working to make the filing system more streamlined to improve efficiency within the practice

Emily: I primarily work in the defence sector, working with the MOD. I enjoy this work as it offers a real variety and allows me to work in one of the government's most important departments. Through my work here I have already been able to work on a whole range of schemes and RIBA stages, including some mixed-use developments.

What do you hope to achieve while working at RL?

Suzanne: As I’m part of the healthcare team, I’m looking to improve my healthcare knowledge and even lead some projects. Outside of project-specific work, I want to become a chartered architect in the next few years as this will help both me and the practice.

Emily: I’m keen to gain experience across all the sectors Roberts Limbrick works in and I would like to increase my experience of leading projects through different RIBA stages. Also, as Roberts Limbrick places a focus on sustainability, I look forward to continuing to develop my experience in sustainable design.


Has the expansion of the Newport office been successful in your eyes?

Suzanne: From my perspective, the Newport office expansion has been very successful as the new office is great and the people working here all get on well. Also, I can see a lot of opportunity for expansion in Newport, coming from a bigger practice I can see how the office has been set up for our presence in Wales to increase.

Emily: I also think the office expansion has gone well as there is a good range of sectors being worked on in the office with room for growth in them all due to the variety of projects we get in.

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