Cabe described it as 'one of the best buildings of its type that they had ever reviewed'

Adidas Distribution Centre

Trafford, Manchester

Our client, St. Modwen received an invitation from Adidas to compete for a new 400,000 sqft distribution building and 20,000 sqft of prestige headquarters offices incorporating a restaurant and wellness centre, to be located on their Trafford Park site in Manchester.  

The distribution area generally required 14m of clear height space and mezzanines and 175,000 sqft of 21m high ‘black-box’ storage complete with a fully automated, computerised picking system. Our winning solution was for a building design that not only met the functional requirements of the brief but which captured the imagination and conveyed the aspirations of the brand image.  Our solution, which utilised dramatic curved roofs and angled cladding panels

“From the start we were impressed by the design of the building as it satisfied our concerns for the environment, the well-being of our staff and stood out as no ordinary warehouse.” Tim Adams, Project Director, Global Warehousing, Adidas

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