Brockworth Community Library

Brockworth, Gloucestershire


Brockworth Link


Brockworth, Gloucestershire



A refurbishment of an existing library has provided a community with a welcoming, vibrant space.

The challenge

Brockworth Community Library had been serving residents since 2002 but required refurbishment to create a bright, colourful space that was welcoming to all. We were appointed, with a limited budget, to update the library into a modern community hub. The Brockworth Link is a local charity, supporting the Brockworth community and people by providing a community-based library and education centre, advice and support services for disadvantaged members of the local community and a positive meeting place and support centre for young people.

Our approach

We aimed to create a bright, bold space, without it feeling garish, so used a yellow to blue colour palette. The children’s area was a key part of the design, and we used rainforest-themed wallpaper to create a fun space in keeping with the rest of the building. Soft seating was used throughout the library to create a range of comfortable spaces.

We noticed that some areas were receiving too much sunlight throughout the day, so we implemented window frosting, blinds, and drapes to help regulate sunlight and the building’s temperature.

The results

The library now feels fresh, modern, and welcoming. Not only does it offer a space for quiet reading or study, but it hosts many community events, including yoga, book club, and language classes. The space is valuable to parents of young children who can take them to find a new book or attend a choice of baby and toddler sessions.