Burford School Library

Burford, Oxfordshire


Burford School


Burford, Oxfordshire



A new library creates a welcoming space for students, promoting focus and quiet.

The challenge

Burford School is a day and boarding school for pupils aged 11-18. We were appointed to create a new library space, moving the current library into an under-utilised building and therefore freeing up room for potential further development.

Our approach

Our interior design team used a palette of calming blues, incorporating the school’s colours, to create a quiet study space. The acoustics of the space were carefully considered, with baffles in the ceiling and wall coverings to absorb sound. Natural materials and plants were chosen to connect the students to the countryside setting and add to the calm atmosphere.

The results

The modern library includes a range of study spaces and soft seating options, creating a welcoming space for all students. There are spaces for solo study, group work, and quiet reading as well as lectures.

Our team utilised the existing double-height space as a key feature but opened up the existing separating walls to create a larger open plan space. The main entrance was relocated for better flow of traffic to and from the library.