Design guides





We have worked with several local authorities to produce reference guides for street design and development.

The challenge

We have been approached by several local authorities to produce guidance to assist developers and councils. For example, in Oxfordshire, we have worked with the county on multiple guides which promote active living streets and places.

When formulating an inclusive and integrative guide, we review the needs of stakeholders from different user groups and council departments. We consider cycling, walking, play, parking, maintenance, servicing, drainage, and green infrastructure.

Our approach

An important part of our approach is considering streets as places, rather than simply a means to get from A to B. We consult with stakeholder groups to develop a series of guiding principles to promote safe street environments. We explore how green infrastructure and sustainable urban drainage can be integrated into streetscapes, along with other environmental features such as promoting travel by foot and bike.

The results

Our guides have helped councils to create attractive, safe spaces to live, work and shop. They become key references for council officers, developers, and designers, helping them to think differently about how streets can be designed and used.

Guides we have produced include the South Oxfordshire Design Guide, Oxfordshire Street Design Guide, and Caldicot Shopfront Guide. In the case of the Oxfordshire Street Design Guide, we have subsequently worked with Oxfordshire County Council to create a new iteration of the guide, ensuring that guidance remains fluid and current and taking into account lessons from the pandemic.